Nicola Lazzari - Expert Creative Technologist & AI Consultant in Milan & London | AI & Machine Learning Specialist | Full Stack Web Developer & Innovator

A Creative Technologist at MVF GLOBAL

  • Kentish Town, London | UK
  • Navigli, Milan | IT

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  1. Senior Creative Technologist

    London, UK | Milan, ITA. Remote.

  2. Creative Technologist

    London, UK

  3. Front End Designer
    Senior Email Designer & Developer

    London, UK

  4. Freelance

    Lucca, ITA


Starting in Lucca, Italy, and advancing to London, my career spans over two decades across various tech roles. From a freelancer focused on SEO and brand packaging to a Senior Email Designer & Developer, I've developed a solid foundation in technologies like Litmus, PHP, and HTML&CSS. Later, as a Creative Technologist, I embraced emerging trends like Generative AI, furthering my expertise. My path is marked by continuous learning and adapting to the ever-changing tech landscape, demonstrating both versatility and a commitment to innovation.

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(*) Disclaimer: This chatbot represents me, Nicola Lazzari. The responses provided are based on Nicola's expertise and experiences in the field of technology and AI. Keep in mind that this chatbot is for informational purposes and should not be considered as professional advice.

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Behind the Chat: A Customized AI Assistant

This chatbot has been fine-tuned – it's a unique, custom-configured version of OpenAI's GPT-4 that mirrors my own expertise and interests.

It's not intended for general coding guidance or extensive AI explanations. Instead, its responses are shaped by the topics I'm passionate about.

It's an example of how AI can be specifically tailored to individual domains, ensuring a more personalized and relevant interaction.

Technology Stack

This chatbot has been fine-tuned – it's a unique, custom-configured version of OpenAI's GPT-4 that mirrors my own expertise and interests.

This technology stack powers the chatbot, ensuring a personalized and interactive experience.

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